Jace Syntax

Originating from deep space and leaving his Pleidian alien parents, the star seed known as Jace Syntax aka Jason McCreadie emerged into the light. A gifted but precocious child, he demanded all the attention and stimulus the world could afford.

His love of music developed when he got into electro and breakdancing in the 80’s. This intimacy with electronic dance music stayed with him into his teens where he developed an additional love for clubbing. From under 18’s nights at the Subclub, then onto over 18’s clubs like The Hacienda, The Warehouse and UFO, he became obsessed by acid house, hip house and Detroit techno.

He started DJing around 1990 with acid house veterans Pussypower, going on to run his own club Syntax a few years later booking guests such as JD Twitch, Pure Science, Blake Baxter and Aubrey. Originally co-ran with Glasgow artist Ryan Exidore (RIP) and currently with Black Jack, Syntax has become a haven for immaculate underground techno.

These days, apart from running his very successful graphic design company Vectraits Illustrations, Jace can mainly be found hunched behind a pc producing his own bleeps and parps with a lot of these acidic earworms finding their way onto an impeccable array of labels including Ozone Recordings, Mutate Records, Sala Muse Recordings and Soiree Records. Often he’s been remixed by the most incredible artists including Paul Mac, Colin Dale and Mark Ambrose. Jace has even been lauded for his musical interpretation skills after winning a contest to remix ‘Warm Launderette’ by Vector Lovers for Soma Quality Recordings.

2016 seen him start his own imprint Xenology Records with John Morrison and Stevie B Brown. With a huge roster of amazing talent lined up theirs is a label to watch. With the release a couple of singles and an LP ‘The Electronica Sound of Planet Earth’ featuring many top Detroit artists, they’ve already got off to a very bright start.