Jake Devlin

Jake Devlin is an extremely skilled DJ from Edinburgh, Scotland who takes a no nonsense approach to his sets. He’s a true techno and house head through and through and has been from a very young age thanks to his father who was very much an utter techno and house junkie, DJ and a regular at Edinburgh’s legendary techno club ‘Pure’.

Jake started DJing when he was only 11 years old after his dad passed down to him his treasured decks and a vast record collection. So he’s been heavily influenced by his father, that cannot be emphasised enough, and from techno artists such as Underground Resistance, Joey Beltram, Hardfloor and Alan Oldham, and by house artists such as Ian Pooley, Armando, DJ Pierre, Chez Damier and Ron Trent.

During the following years Jake was merely a humble bedroom DJ that would occasionally play at parties, but spent those years getting better and better on the decks and buying more and more vinyl. So much so, his impressive collection now breaches well over 2000 records.

After a few years, when he was old enough, Jake started going out to Edinburgh based techno club ‘Jackhammer’ and became a regular at Edinburgh techno club ‘Pulse’ where he met what are now a group of his closest friends including its head honcho Darrell Harding.

Through meeting Darrell, Jake began DJing at ‘Pulse’ regularly which completely reignited his passion for DJing after he stopped playing for a while. Fast forward a few months, Jake started chatting with Conor Mclarnon who runs ‘Jackhammer’ which led to him DJing regularly there too as his skills were more than apparent for all to hear. This has induced a great demand in the local scene for this young upstart of a DJ.

Jake is now continuing residencies at ‘Pulse’ and ‘Jackhammer’ and attempting to and gaining as many gigs as he possibly can to play all over Scotland in order to push himself forward within this techno world his father has ingrained upon him.