James Hanser

James Hanser is a techno DJ, producer from Utrecht, Holland. He’s an avid vinyl collector of 90’s, early 00’s techno and is a demon on the decks with them too. And don’t be surprised if you hear this menace mangling up 4 trax at once when Traktor is on the go, the man is fury incarnate.

James first started the art of turntablism when his father bought him a set of Technics for his 14th birthday way back in 1984. His new mission in life was to become proficient in cutting and scratching hip hop tracks and to provide vital support to local rappers with his beats. Through hard practice and a healthy passion for his cause, his mission had begun …………….….. or had it?

In the late 80’s he started to frequent the new acid raves that were happily infesting Europe with relentless speed and in 1990 his friends asked him to swap styles and play at one. His friends had the records, a LOUD system and a location where he played a staggering 10 hours straight, his new mission had begun ……………….. TECHNO.

After years of drilling out DJ sets, his interest started leaning more towards producing rather than playing. In the beginning he produced hip hop and breakbeats using samples from soul records and drum machines, then eventually progressed onto techno and house. Currently he uses Ableton but has a firm focus on incorporating some heavy hitting hardware in the future. His music can be funky, offbeat, sometimes dark and industrial, sometimes with a strong acid vibe but guaranteed it’s always 1000% dance floor driven techno.

Since 2000 James has played at clubs and parties across Europe including Lebensgefahr, T3chno and Tunnel Syndroom. 2013 saw him co-found the home of the RIOT shows, In Progress Radio, but left soon after to pursue less time consuming duties to fully concentrate on producing.

In April 2015 he founded free digital label Fudge8bar Anarchy where he and other producers release V/A EP’s, and lately he’s founded Fudge8bar Masterings where he’s making a name for himself with increasingly professional skills.