JD Twitch

JD Twitch aka Keith McIvor started DJing in 1987 and has released material under various guises for over fifteen years as JD Twitch, Betty Botox, Sonic Assassins, Mount Florida and as Doubleheart with Neil Landstrumm. Inspired by artists like Debbie Harry, Vi Subversa, Nina Simone & Cosey Fanni Tutti, he’s renowned for his eclecticism, exceptional mixing skills and having a special talent for mixing every genre under the sun seemlessly.

In 1990 he co-founded Scotland’s first techno club ‘Pure’ which became legendary in the 10 years it ran, bringing to Europe for the very 1st time artists like Jeff Mills, Richie Hawtin and Green Velvet. It also spawned three labels, T&B Vinyl, Pi Recordsings and Subjective Sound Corps, which featured releases from artists including Coil and Orlando Voorn.

In 1997 he co-founded with Jonny Wilkes another legendary club ‘Optimo’ as a reaction to non-stop 4/4 techno. Anything goes was the philosophy and the club became a hit. “I didn’t care whether it would work or not, or whether anyone would go, it was just something I had to do. I love DJing with all my heart but at this point I was so bored with seamless mixing, it was all just too obvious, too predictable and too easy  that I had to do something to preserve my (in)sanity” he said. Depending on the duo’s mood ‘Optimo’ will veer from sleazy funk to post punk, electro, 50’s swing and anything in between. It’s diverse music policy and reputation for adventurous innovation and hedonism has led to the club touring in Europe, America, Japan and China.

Previously using the name Optimo (Espacio) but now as JD Twitch, he has an extensive back catalogue of remixes including Liquid Liquid, Seun Kuti, Factory Floor, Django Django, and Neon Indian. He also masterminds the ‘Optimo Music’ label that’s as diverse as the clubs music policy.

JD Twitch continues to push musical boundaries, creating legends wherever he treads. Our future in sound is secure as long as there’s minstrels like this gracing our ears.