Jeff23 cut his teeth at some of the gangster run London inner city warehouse parties. He began to DJ in 1991 and played regularly at many club events, underground parties and pirate radio stations in the UK. Tired of having to deal with violent criminal promoters he joined Spiral Tribe and helped spearhead the move into continental Europe in 1992-93, becoming  heavily involved in the organisation of the first large scale underground parties, free parties and teknivals on the European mainland.

Jeff was instrumental in forging a harder edged techno sound which influenced the scene throughout the 90’s with over 50 vinyl and cassette releases as well as countless timeless performances. He is more known though for his talents as a DJ rather than a producer or playing live..

As well as being a key member of the SP23 collective he continues to organise mixed subculture events and innovate his musical style in Berlin alongside close friends and family under the name Freaky 23.

Jeff’s sound is guided by hypnotic techno and underground house music in their purest forms and he one of the pioneers of the new warehouse techno style. His instinctive ability to take dance floors on profound journeys have made him a leading figure in European techno.

His passion for musical depth and innovation has proved a potent musical force and a very safe bet for underground parties and cutting edge clubs. This, coupled with an instinct to adapt to almost any situation while pushing the barriers of the unknown, is something that isn’t found in many DJs in the modern techno era.