Jerome Hill

Jerome Hill from London, England lives and breathes the music he produces and plays with his sets being educational and hedonistic in equal measures. He’s a label owner, party organiser, scratcher, dot joiner and arguably the best proper pumpin’ party DJ in the world.

He grew up listening to rock n’ roll, soul, 50s and 60s pop, eventually turning to hip hop, acid house and techno around 89/90. His biggest inspiration musically growing up came from Chuck Berry, DJ Hype, Big Daddy Kane and Shut Up & Dance. This goes a long way to explain the complexity of his sets.

In 1990 aged 15 he started DJing, playing hip hop, acid house, UK bleep, breakbeat and techno. His skills granted him a residency throughout the latter part of the decade on infamous London sound system JIBA. During this time, alongside his international DJ schedule opening up, he was manager and music buyer for two record shops, Trackheads and Dragon Discs in Camden, London.

He’s the founder of Don’t, Super Rhythm Trax, Bleeper, Fat Hop and 1992 rave themed Hornsey Hardcore. His own releases that appear on many labels including RIOT, Don’t, Super Rhythm Trax, I Love Acid and Power Vacuum to name a few are absolute honkin’ belters.

Jerome has been a permanent fixture on the London scene, with his bi-monthly Don’t club nights having built up a very strong following amongst true techno lovers. With Mr. Hill as its resident, he has the most amazing and well respected guests playing every time.

His hectic schedule sees him DJ constantly all over the world at all the great clubs and festivals including House of God, Bestival and Glastonbury and you can catch him every Wednesday on his “The Roots of Rave” show on London’s Kool FM @

Be it a techno dance floor, an old skool rave or a hip hop jam, Jerome is at home and relishes bringing something new to the party with surprises around every corner.