Joseph Garber

Joseph Garber from Stockholm, Sweden is a Viking-like DJ and producer of uncompromising style who creates spot on, dirty ruff acid, and is a man who definitely treats his TB-303’s right. He’s the kind of chap who can turn a solid monotone loop into something interesting for hours and uses many old school hip hop samples and ghetto inspired grooves to make the most bonkers nonsense that side of Norway.

Joseph grew up in the 80’s listening mostly to hip hop artists like Grandmaster Flash, Run DMC and Public Enemy, venturing into acid house entering his teens. From frequenting rave parties he soon got hooked on techno and the harder acid sound which he felt had such a cool and confident attitude. Dr Walker, Paul Birken, Freddy Fresh and Acid Junkies all had a major part to play there.

Djing rapidly ensnared him with the record shops, clubs and parties he attended in Germany unable to stop his frequent visits. He then started making music with his friends Danijel Ticic, Ronnie Johansson and Anders Ilar around 1995, hanging about their studio and twiddling with their Roland TB-303 before starting to buy some hardware himself.

His first release soon materialised with a remix of Marcin Czubala’s track ”Video Game” on Input-Output Inc which was taken from a full minidisc of jamming and selecting the best five minute sequence of the recording. No computers, no editing ……….…….. BOOM.

Around this time he started the electro-synth pop band ”Engine One” with Tomas Birnik, playing gigs around Sweden and getting a few highly noted releases to their credit.

In 2003 he launched his own label Membrane Recordings which only operated until 2009 due to unforeseen circumstances, forcing him to take a break from the scene. Then in 2013, Cynthia Stern and Dungeon Acid booked him for a live gig in Stockholm which brought him back into the fold and back on track again.

Since then he’s released various vinyl compilations, and as of 2017 he started up the label Jack Trax On Wax with Swedish mentalists TSR and the monthly Jack Trax On Wax – The Bar, a club / bar-hang in the Old Town of Stockholm where they’ll mostly be playing crazy musical shenanigans.