Julian Liberator

As one of London’s underground techno pioneers, Julian Liberator helped change the face of the U.K. dance scene in early 1991 when he put on his first techno party in a squat in Stoke Newington, through his subsequent involvement in the capitals illegal warehouse party scene he helped create, and through founding the Liberator DJ’s and S.U.F. Collective over the following years.

The Liberator DJ’s flagship acid techno labels ‘Stay Up Forever’ and ‘Cluster’ brought them international recognition as both recording artists and DJ’s, cementing their unique take on 303 driven techno. But it was Julian’s forward thinking, purist, yet eclectic techno imprints 4X4 Recordings, Artefact and Ultra Funk which achieved both world wide cult status and industry respect.

A unique and complete artist in every sense with both vision and verve, Julian has achieved a rare accomplishment by creating genre-defining productions. With a passion for the avant-garde, Julian does not make “easy” music for the mainstream. His love of rhythmical freestyle and sonic excursions to the left field are adored by those in the know and have been championed for over 25 years by many respected artists and journalists.

As a DJ, Julian has always stood well apart from the crowd. Year’s ahead of most of his contemporaries, his innovative, open-minded, free form approach defies the narrow-minded sub-genre obsessed mainstream. Instead, Julian fuses all styles and rhythms that say techno to him. The defining criteria of interest, abstraction, energy and funk are brought together through his vast and intimate knowledge of electronic music and then skillfully crafted on four decks into a willful, sometimes challenging, but always exhilarating seamless journey of discovery.

After an eight year production hiatus, 2016 seen the welcome return of Julian’s unique production talents under his Booty Slave alter ego. Co-productions with Patrick DSP and Chicago Loop, all receiving intense appraisals and international support, followed suit and 2018 saw the return of his long-standing and most successful production partnership with D.A.V.E The Drummer.

Julian has burst back onto the production scene like he was never away, proof if ever it was needed that class is most definitely a permanent condition within the Liberator clan.