Justin Berkovi

Techno maverick Justin Berkovi is a London based techno producer who’s spent the last 20 years releasing some of the best techno tracks created and for his deep pounding live Pa’s and DJ sets which are laden with most futuristic space age techno of the purist kind.

After experimenting with electronics and tape loops while still at school he didn’t begin focusing on music seriously until after graduating from University in 1996. He soon began creating futuristic techno for the purist of dance floors by encapsulating sonically the most cavernous atmospheres, deep reverbs and soundscape forming tumult.

He quickly cemented his place in the techno history books at a relatively early stage in his career, releasing many classics on legendary imprints including Sativae, Drought, Djax-Up-Beats, Music Man and Force Inc. Music Works  to name a few.

Never getting pigeonholed, Justin always balances his dark brooding purposeful psyche with the mesmeric beauty of his deeper introspective soul within his productions, offering just as much to advocates of pounding minimalism as to fans of the more emotional ambient wing of techno music.

In 1998 he started his own label Predicaments (and one year later Nightrax) which featured Justin’s own releases and output from the likes of Dave Tarrida, Steve Glencross and DJ Rush amongst others.

Over the years he’s meticulously worked dance floors worldwide into a complete frenzy, playing at the most intimate of clubs to the largest of festivals including Tresor, Berghain, Womb, Fuse, Nature One and Love Parade.

However, so much hard partying over the years from relentless bookings took its toll and he decided to take time out for a while. After a few years break Justin started producing new material again in 2007 which heralded much rejoicing within the techno community.

With several projects in the pipeline at any one time, Mr. Berkovi once again continues his relentless mantra of unique killer releases and live sets to such a high standard it’s no wonder he’s just in demand as he’s always been and still widely regarded as one of techno’s elite.