Kaylah from Hackney, London is a forward thinking and driven artist who never fails to create or play the heaviest hitting big room destroyers with the most reaffirming explosive energy. Whether it’s his own music productions or when DJing, his tough captivating pace means he’s always ready for the rave.

Growing up he listened to a lot of garage, jungle and D&B taking his initial inspiration from those to produce his own fast paced music. These oldskool influences from his early youth pushed him forward and would become pivotal in the years to follow.

Kaylah first started producing in 2012 making D&B and dubstep, on and off, until 2018 when he starting getting more into techno. Now his inspiration comes randomly and at any time of day or night, from noises in the street, hearing a riff in a track or something specifically intriguing within a drum pattern, and without a doubt, due to his early influences, there’s a great deal of amazingly programmed drum breaks in his techno output.

Kaylah’s always got many projects on the go at any one time for a great many labels, although too much work or pressure on his plate stops him from enjoying the creation of his craft, something which he loves indulging in. This indulgence has led to many releases over the years along with a constant stream of remix work under his cap. All of which are supported by the biggest of artists including Rebekah, Dax J, Perc and Kenny Campbell.

His impressive catalogue of punishing releases can be found on some of the world’s best techno labels including Taro Records, Otomo Trax, Krachtvoer and Prodigal Son. And his endless remix credits include working on trax by the likes of Androm, Plukkk and Dyen.

RIOT Radio Records is well aware of all of the above so look out for some of the afore mentioned ‘big room destroyers’ but much, much bigger appearing on our label soon enough.