Lado Odilavadze is an extremely in demand Berlin based Producer and DJ. When it comes to producing music he’s a knob twiddler through and through, a complete and utter hardware freak who loves to tweak. What you get from LADO is nothing less than 1000% nasty, underground, unadulterated, menacing machine mayhem of the wildest techno variety.

Originally from Tbilisi, Georgia, Lado moved to Berlin in 2010 to be with his girl …….. that’s love for you. The cities legendary music scene also played a huge part in his decision because Berlin is that hallowed techno mecca he’d always wanted to immerse himself in.

Growing up he mostly listened to hip hop, becoming heavily influenced by the likes of rapper and producer Eazy-E. These days his musical path has led him to the mind boggling skills of producers like Paul Birken and other like minded mentalists.

He was DJing for many years before he moved cities, playing mainly in local clubs around his home town. Then from 2008 he caught the bug for creation and he slowly but surely started to amass some serious hardware, building up his studio, getting deeper and deeper into the circuitry that now runs wild within his veins.

Even before he moved to Berlin to indulge in his electronic fantasies he’d achieved remix credits on Miro Pajic’s Lazerslut Recordings. Since reaching Berlin and becoming a solo artist in his own right, he’s had many releases on some heavy hitting labels including Mindcut, Kobayashi Recordings and Nachtstrom Schallplatten. He’s also worked on many collaboration projects with some very well respected artists including a monster of a release with Dave Tarrida on Darknet.

RIOT duly took note of his skills and signed him up for some future releases which are nothing short of madness and he’s got a full calendar planned for 2017. His busy schedule includes a release on Green Fetish Records featuring an intense Al Ferox remix and even more remix credits to his name by working on a track by The Horrorist on German imprint Aufnahme Wiedergabe.

The Berlin effect has taken this young Georgian and moulded him into a one man techno wrecking ball on a RAMPAGE.