Lee Holman

Performing in clubs since the late nineties, Lee Holman has travelled throughout Europe, North America, South America, Asia and everywhere in between, compounding a reputation for his unique vision on techno with an uncompromising underground ethos.

Playing a fusion of deep, raw and energetic electronics, his sound creates a myriad of tension, constructing the perfect combination of musicality for club appearances. Performances both as a live act and as a DJ have unlocked opportunities to share hallowed ground with techno’s elite, appearing in prestigious underground venues throughout.

Lee’s productions have earned him international recognition, leaving his mark at the forefront, building a reputation for consistency, originality and delivering his dynamic sound on both cutting edge and classic techno Labels. Generating consistent support from a host of techno’s brightest names, he has remixed for high profile artists such as Aubrey and Gary Beck. Lee’s also been remixed by leading techno mainstays ranging from Orlando Voorn to Mike Dehnert.

His releases are frequent and greatly in demand with his production skills appearing on my impeccable imprints including Orbis Records, Raw Waxes, CLFT, Decision Making Theory and more, adding to an already excellent discography.

Founding the Kawl Imprint in 2010, the label’s aim was to provide some much-needed diversity in techno. This formula was immediately recognised with rave reviews, impressive chart listings, and plays by leading connoisseurs in the underground techno scene.

With an ever-expanding release schedule combining collaborations, remixes and a new label project called ‘Demarcation,’ which he started up in 2018, Lee Holman promises to be unrelenting in his definition of essential timeless techno.