Leosoki, aka The Foldaway Ninja, aka Pasta Masta, aka Mixmaster Mousemat, aka DJ Portable is a multi talented dude that excels in any creative project he puts his mind to Whether it’s DJing, producing, photography, art and design, technological, being a fiendish skate & snow boarder, or a connoisseur of the finest of malt whiskies, this man knows his trade and you’ll be hard pushed to find any to match. He’s also the brains behind the RIOT website, constructing and creating the way it looks and breathes, according to the master plan laid down by us here at RIOT.

An Edinburgh denizen, he spends most of his days building and managing websites for various clients including ours here at RIOT. From browsing our site, I’m sure you can see what an exceptional job the man can do.

In his spare time, this overly modest, perfectionist composer enjoys producing his own exceptional tracks that could turn out in any shape or form. He’s most adept at making electronica but also delivers thought-provoking house, techno, acid and more. He also DJs (rarely due to his modest nature) when the occasion arises or demands it, playing a wide and varied selection of music to each merry reveller who’ll take as much as he’s willing to give them. Each set could easily comprise of hip hop, house, 80’s, electronica, techno, sound tracks ……………… even Enya ……………… you get me.

For RIOT we asked him to create two exclusive 1-hour DJ mixes for our first ever Xmas Special show, comprised solely of productions from another of Edinburgh’s crème de la crème, Rob Dylan (something that had never been done before) . This was RIOT’s first ever show to be presented by one guest DJ for both of it’s 1-hour slots. To be able to mix such a crazy selection of tracks, all with absolutely crazy time structures, only one man with enough skills and an uncanny eclectic knowledge would ever be able to pull it off ………..… enter Leosoki.