Marcus from Berlin is a ‘Tresor’ resident, vinyl collector, producer and groove addicted menace whose DJ sets and music are characterised by dirty beats, pounding rhythms and strong energetic impacting sounds that’ll keep you stomping your boots until your legs give up with exhaustion.

Born and raised in Rome, Marcus got involved with electronic music as the first clubs and illegal parties started to infectiously engulf the Italian capital. Hypnotized by the decks he started to DJ without hesitation and started getting gigs in the Roman scene a few years later. Inspired by the techno music and legends from Detroit and U.K. that still shape his sounds today, he began to cultivate his own unique style.

A true vinyl collector, always one for discovering new music, against the mainstream, he follows his own keen intuition and inspirational influences that have served him well through-out his life with artists like Jeff Mills, DVS1 and DJ Stingray featuring prominently at the forefront of his thoughts.

Eager to share his passion for discovering new music and talented artists, Marcus has hosted the ‘New Faces’ nights in ‘Tresor’, which he created in 2015, every two month’s since 2016 that’s become a permanent and noteworthy fixture in the legendary clubs fixtures, building up a symbiotic relationship with them that has become stronger with each year that passes. His night has now become a rite of passage for newcomers that are granted the gift of playing on such hallowed ground.

Not content with simply playing other peoples music, his urge to create what he was feeling needed to be expressed, so he started to produce his own material as well. He’s never more content that when he’s locked away in the studio jamming like a mad-man which has resulted in his tracks being released on ‘Overdraw’ and ‘Persistence’ in 2019, and there’s a lot, lot more in the pipeline with major artists and labels alike having taken keen notice.