Mark Archer

As far as rave legends go, you won’t find many higher up the list than Mark Archer. He’s quite simply one of the most important and influential dance music producers of the last two decades.

Mark hails from Stafford, England. He grew up listening to funk / soul, hip hop and techno by artists like Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis, Arthur Baker, Armando and Derrick May.

Inspired by these acts he started producing in 1988 with Dean Meredith, starting off as a hip hop / sample house group called Rhythm Mode D. After a few releases he started trying out other styles like acid house and techno. Soon after he co-founded Bizarre Inc, Nexus 21 and the now infamous Altern 8 which has went on to become one of the biggest names in rave history.

Altern 8 crashed the UK charts in 1991 with hardcore anthems ‘Infiltrate 202’ and ‘Activ-8 (Come With Me)’, wearing chemical warfare suits, dust masks and ably assisted by their resident dancers, MC and the odd bottle of Vaporub.

Every act he’s been involved with has had a string of releases on renowned labels such as Network and R&S, also famously being the first artist to receive a Carl Craig remix.

Mark is still producing and recently returned to the sound of Nexus 21 with his solo ep ‘Songs for Einna’ which sold out before its release date. This was followed by releases on labels including Mutate and Rave Wars along with remakes and remixes of anthems ‘Armageddon’ and ‘Frequency.’ He also produces as himself and as Trackman as well as working on various collaborations with ‘The Originators’ , new Altern 8 material and even re-launching Dansa Records.

He’s still DJing across the globe, playing everything from jacking acid, classic techno, funk, hip-hop and Old Skool Rave. He’s also resident at London’s I Love Acid and a regular guest at Bangface, BLOC Weekend, Sonar Festival, Glastonbury and more …..… RAVE ON.