Martyn Hare

Martyn Hare the founder of “Emetic” and “Tremors Recordings” has been DJing since1998. In 2000, in Leeds, England he started promoting his own events “Audio Science”. It was through these nights that the world got its first taste of Martyn’s own dub plates. These inspired creations instantly grabbed the attention of a number of labels including Glenn Wilson and Mike Humphries’ “Punish” imprint and Ben Long’s “Potential Recordingz”. It was Martyn’s first two releases on “Potential Recordingz”, “Bitchin” and “‘Hare of the Dog” EP that earned him worldwide respect, scoring a “Top 5 Tunes of the Moment” review in Ministry magazine and numerous plays on international radio.

Martyn grew with this success and used it as a foundation to push further forward, going on to issue major releases on Tronic, Recycled Loops, Planet Rhythm and Naked Lunch Records. As if that wasn’t enough he was also managing and producing for his own labels “Tremors”, and the now legendary “Emetic”. Recently launching the “Emetic DNA” label for vinyl only releases leaving Emetic for digital only, he has once again shown he truly is at the top of his game with each release more brilliant than the last. Seriously stunning material is being transmitted each time.

After playing numerous sessions for BBC Radio 1, charting number 13 in John Peels last ever Festive 50, and with three critically acclaimed albums under his belt, alongside incredible releases on Perc Trax, Earwiggle, Don’t and on our own RIOT Radio Records imprint, Martyn is a true force to be reckoned with.

Every single one of his releases and the projects he has collaborated on with other artists including the uber talented JoeFarr have been simply breath taking. Martyn’s output is nothing short of brilliant, and long may it continue.