Marvin-40 aka David Peacock is an interstellar DJ that simply commands respect whenever his assassin pseudonym makes an appearance. Whether in a club or transmitted across the airwaves his underground sounds are of such cosmic proportions you can do nothing but submit to his wavelength.

David has been a music addict for as long as he can remember. He grew up listening to 80’s electronic music, commercial dance and hip hop before the acid house movement arrived, engulfing him into the worlds of techno, house and oldskool hardcore rave admist the UKs burgeoning club culture.

Around 1994 he embarked on a mission to learn the art of mixing after being blindly dazzled by the skills of Jeff Mills. Firstly using his friends set up then eventually getting his own, he started to take this new found passion seriously, buying more than a few records and practising day after day after day. Nowadays he’s masterfully proficient on both digital and vinyl and is most adept at three turntable jiggery pokery, a skill all in itself.

In 1999 he entered into the Muzik Magazine ‘Bedroom Bedlam’ DJ competition and to his surprise his mix won and he was featured in the magazine. A couple years later another mix he sent to I.D.J. magazine came 2nd in a reader poll. By this time he was now being booked to play local bars and clubs, these days that encompasses Europe.

In 2011 Underground Resistance advertised for new artists. David quickly recorded various mixes within the Detroit music spectrum and fired them off to UR HQ who instantly started to transmit them on their own shows and others. The 40 in his name is derived from the sci-fi synth, hi-tech funk ‘Analog Assassin’ release by UR and he utilises that 12”s image any time it’s required, staying true to UR programming.

His mixes have featured on UR Radio, Bass Agenda Radio Show as well as many others. Although solely a DJ atm, he’s progressively learning the art of production. If his mixing skills are anything to go by then I would seriously prepare UR soul for his internal analog circuits becoming self aware.