Matt TdK

Rotterdam based Matt TdK is one highly experienced DJ and artist that relentlessly bangs out fierce blistering music. Through the years he’s developed a quick style of DJ mixing, cutting and chopping through a furious amount of tracks during his sets.

His exploits into dance music began back in 92’ listening to DJ Ratty and from attending the legendary ‘Dreamscape’ raves and U.K. techno clubs including House of God, The Orbit and Atomic Jam where he become infatuated by amazing DJ’s and artists including Jeff Mills, Dave Clarke, Surgeon, Michael Forshaw and everyone associated within the wonky techno scene. These influences led Matt to buy a set of turntables and start to play techno, drum n’ bass and jungle. It was only due to the lack of a full wallet that he couldn’t buy everything so concentrated his exultant energy into techno.

As his prowess on the decks grew he got gigs at the ‘Total Eclipse’ festival in 99’ and various other free parties in the south of England. His confidence was also growing exponentially so he started to produce his own music the year after.

In 2001 Matt decided to leave the U.K. and go traveling, playing in some of the free European festivals that summer. During his travels he met up with a group of like-minded Dutch people and joined their well-known TdK sound system. Since then he’s been organizing free parties in Holland and traveling through Europe with them setting up at free festivals within the Teknival party scene ever since.

Matt started up his Tonal Research label in 2006 as an outlet for his own digital based techno productions while at the same time a passion for experimenting was swelling within. This led to his MSQ alias coming to life as he began to create analog based electro / hip hop / dubstep orientated music.

In recent years Matt has released music on outstanding labels including Green Fetish, Pitch Dark Records, Archive 01, Emetic and made an appearance on our very own RIOT Radio Records after submitting an exceptional winning entry in The Horrorist remix competition we ran.