Max Durante

Max Durante began his professional DJ career in Rome 87’. As one of the hinges of the 90’s rave generation his sound and presence was fundamental for the early Italian techno scene. Well respected as a DJ, thanks to his stunning mixing abilities, and as a producer for his powerful mastery at record production, he’s played at the most note-worthy European clubs, raves and festivals since 1991.

In that year, Max and the twins D’Arcangelo organized one of the biggest ever Italian raves which featured the Plus +8 Records crew including Richie Hawtin, Speedy J, Daniel Bell and the most incredible Cybersonic live Pa. In the same period, along with the twins, they created the first Italian experimental techno band called ‘’Automatic Sound Unlimited’’, ushering into the 90’s the dark side of techno!

This sound changed the vision of techno, opening new ways, reaching a new style, mixing techno with electro using industrial tones.  This innovative dark concept was very different from the more well-known techno styles at the time as it was based on perpetual, mechanical and continuous research into a new void. This was the precursor of a sound projected into the future, the experimental techno that nowadays is called industrial.

Since 2000, Max has toured Europe non-stop and co-produced electro bombs with artists including Anthony Rother, Keith Tucker and Aux 88 to name a few. Over these years he’s built and developed his own personal performance, showing off his true character, his energy and charisma along-side his superb technical mixing skills, creating multifaceted soundscapes ranging between hypnotic, dark, industrial, acid, electro, EBM and techno.

After his long and worthy contribution to the techno and electro scene he returned to experimenting in 2015 creating a new, powerful and dynamic sound which gained a very strong interest. Since then, he’s joined many hallowed families including the legendary Sonic Groove, the powerful Aufnahme + Wiedergabe! and he’s been an integral part of the HOR machine. RIOT Radio Records also has him firmly in our sights to keep the techno cogs well-oiled for future projects.