Michael Forshaw

Michael Forshaw is a techno, breakbeat and experimental producer and DJ from Blackpool, U.K. who is known for his mastery of producing gritty, rough and tumble techno music where every sound is almost overdriven to the edge of chaotic distortion. He refuses to abide by any rules, playfully smashing his music around like a cat toying with a mouse. He’s the ultimate example of why parents hate techno.

Emerging from a youth listening to synth pop artists including Depeche Mode, Gary Numan, Visage and Ultravox, Michael started out on his musical path as a DJ in 1985 where his first job doing so was in a gay bar in Blackpool playing Hi-NRG and rave tunes. He eventually sold his set of Technics in 1994, added a bunch of cash he’d saved up and bought a whole bunch of machines and effects pedals and started to make one royal racket, much to the dismay of his neighbours.

Then a chance meeting with Dean Thatcher and Rich Thair from The Aloof / Red Snapper led to his first two releases on their ‘Flaw’ label in 1995/96. After that he decided to start his own label ‘My Breathing’ (named after pinching the title from a Gary Numan track) with long-time friend Paul Riggs, going on to put out five releases on the label from 1996 to 1999.

When Paul no longer wanted to carry on with the label after the fifth release, Michael teamed up with Chantal, his girlfriend at the time, to start Chan ‘n’ Mikes Records in 1999 and things really picked up after that as he immediately started to get lots of gigs all over Europe playing at Don’t, Monox, Uglyfunk and Neue Heimat amongst others. A testament to the label’s quality.

Since then he’s had releases on brilliant imprints including Core, Crime and Bernard’s Haircut, teaming up with Dan Monox as The Flying Lurinskys along the way.

With a heavy techno foundation, acid noise, booty bounce, and electro wiggle in each and every record he produces, it was an easy choice to bring him on board the RIOT train.