Mike Dearborn

Mike James Dearborn hails from Chicago, USA and is a hugely talented individual. He’s revered in the techno community for a great many things. Not only for his out of this world DJing skills but also for creating many timeless electronic masterpieces which have been etched into techno history.

Mike’s musical tastes took a turn in the late 80s when he started listening to house music on the hot lunch mixes and late night sets on Chicago’s 102.7 FM WBMX radio station. It sparked Mike’s interest in DJ’ing and soon after he became interested in producing. He and his brother started experimenting with a Roland TR-505 and a Casio sampler and in 1989 with a friend he released his first 12”s on the legendary Trax label. But he retired early after losing faith with the label and took up a college degree instead.

In 1991, Mike again teamed up with his friend for a release on Warehouse / Muzique Records. At the same time he heard a record by Terrace on Djax-up-beats. So Mike sent Saskia Slegers a demo, bewitching her, and he was immediately signed up, eventually unleashing 9 immaculate releases on that label including Razorsharp, Monuments & Strictly Underground.

Mike soon began DJing and playing hardware live sets throughout Europe and eventually all over the world at all the elite venues whereby he literally mashed clubbers ears into submission. Since then he’s started his own label Majesty Recordings, released many more 12”s and has remixed artists including Gary Numan, Hardfloor, Joey Beltram, Robert Armani and Steve Stoll.

Still as active as ever and with a heavy DJing schedule, Mike is currently working on new material. So be prepared for more Chicago madness coming your way.