Mila Steiner

Mila Steiner is a Berlin based producer and DJ who’s extremely passionate about electronics in all its forms, one of those being electronic music which she has taken a great interest in since she was a child, often listening to early rave music radio shows and mixtapes that focused mainly on techno, new beat, EBM and acidcore.

At the beginning of her adolescence, Mila become interested in music production and experimentation in sound. She was influenced by many genres including industrial, new wave, EBM, death metal, punk and hardcore whilst attending music classes learning to play the bass guitar. She also started experimenting with different forms of music production during this time.

Mila soon become heavily influenced by the techniques of ‘musique concrete’, a form of music composition that utilizes recorded sounds as raw material where they’re often modified through the application of audio effects and tape manipulation techniques. Her first created works were like a bizarre mixture of sounds that she extracted from old VHS tapes, video games, circuit bent toys, recorded voices, metallic noises and any otherworldly sounds she could conjure up from the different electronic devices she would expertly modify onto magnetic tapes and save on module files.

Eventually Mila began to include more and more hardware in her experiments including synthesizers, drum machines, samplers and other electronic machinery, any element to create raw and distorted sounds, addictive bass lines and banging broken drums. She’d also become a very accomplished DJ by now, mixing tracks with the same characteristics infused within her own productions. Artists such as JoeFarr, Ayarcana, Scalameriya and UVB are amongst her favourites.

All this eventually led to Mila being invited to play at many noted events around Europe and America, after which she decided to create her own independent label ‘9ravesnuff’. This project, which focuses on techno and industrial sounds with that DIY feeling that characterized her early work, has seen her receive major support from many respected artists including Perc, Randomer and Insolate amongst others.