Miss Represented

Miss Represented aka Gayle Black is a budding inspirational electronic music producer from Edinburgh, UK, and a perennial student of life who aside from writing songs also writes thought provoking poetry, and spoken word pieces.

Musically she’s literally sprung from nowhere. However, brought up from within the Scottish electronic music scene over the last 20 years, she’s now building a reputation for making innovative dance tracks layered with spoken word to produce her own uniquely distinctive style of music.

Her musical tastes cover a massive depth and range of genres spanning over 80 decades.  She’s been influenced by so many artists it would be impossible to name them all. A brief glimpse of what’s in her head is derived from listening to blues, jazz, ska, rock, pop, ambient, techno and all other genres in between and by artists including Depeche Mode, Nina Simone, Herbie Hancock, Oliver Chesler, Grace Jones, Luke Vibert, Kid 606, Otto Von Shirach, The Legendary Stardust Cowboy, Ivor Cutler ……….. ……….. the list is endless.

But above all other genres, her first love is acid music in all its forms, from the classic Chicago sound to the most aggressive hardcore variations.

Miss Represented has been producing since October 2015. Her Emceeing, or rap poetics as it has been referred to, covers a wide range of topics including politics, culture, addiction, sex and gender roles. Anything she thinks needs spoken about or that she feels passionately for will be researched and intricately dissected.  Some of her philosophical and literary influences include, Michal Foucault, Wilhelm Reich, Noam Chomsky and Herman Hesse.

Music impresario Thomas Von Party, A&R man for “Turbo Recordings” and co-founder of “Multi Culti” records spotted Miss Represented on Soundcloud and was instantly hooked. He was won over by her talent for cherry picking great samples, creating grooves and slathering herself all over it with her distinctive style of Emceeing.  One thing led to another and more or less overnight she was signed.

2019 sees the first ever Miss Represented EP being released on Party Central, but in November 2018 her journey aboard the RIOT train has already left the station and was chugging steadily along the tracks to enter the world of sordid sonic manipulation with her jazz fuelled track “Snow White Is Dead” on our sister label ‘a quiet RIOT’.