Ms. Bones

Crossbones doom disciple Ms. Bones (London) is an underground rave DJ veteran with a particular passion for deep, dark, hard and doomy sounds with her mixes showing surprise and intelligent beauty with an eclectic blend of acoustic aural drama to create a controversially delicate and subtle presence.

Growing up in the Midlands, life led her to cut her rave teeth at venues such as the esteemed Coventry Eclipse at nights such as Amnesia House, Dance Planet, Obsession and other acid house-rave-jungle-dnb-epic-ness.  Also the endless listening to over-re-recorded mix tapes on her Walkman over and over and over fed and bled into her passion for new exploratory, unheard, undocumented, un-blueprinted experimental sounds. It was here at this early point in the 90’s where she gained a taste for hardcore hedonism and deep bass in its entirety.

Mid 90’s, whilst Saturday-working at ‘Bangin’ Tunes’ in Coventry (notable independent record label / shop) her love of all things deep, dark and vinyl was born.  Hanging out with legends, watching it unfold, is after all, really cool, right?!

Since 1998 she’s been a resident DJ on the legendary Crossbones Sound System spinning her wax at countless warehouse and outdoor raves across the UK and Europe as well as appearances at London hardcore club nights throughout the early 00’s, her ethos comprises pushing the Crossbones sound and worshiping the gabber rave doom-lords. Yet her continually developing style combines all of her musical influences including electro, nu-beat, acid house, new romantic, breakbeat, jungle, UK hardcore, hip-hop, gangsta rap, dnb and artists such as Depeche Mode, Front 242, Sham 69, The Sex Pistols, Orbital (the list and vinyl collection goes on and on) and of course a special mention to Planet Core Productions.

So dim the lights, switch on your smoke machine, red flashing rave light and menacing danger strobe, sit back and drift off into the deep dark doom laced abyss of darkened dreams …..