Myler is a Northern Ireland based DJ and producer and one whom it would be easy to think that the man often described as “the Irish Brad Pitt” is a fun loving disco DJ on a brief first encounter, but his sound is one of the most unforgiving despite the overpowering atmosphere of positivity surrounding him.

He first emerged on the techno radar in 2011 appearing on Tech Fu Recordings and proceeded to put out many bangin’ releases on brilliant labels including Pennyroyal, Mindcut and Emetic. However, it was via Ansome’s notoriously eardrum-unfriendly label South London Analog Material and a close affiliation with Baas Mooy’s slightly (stressing slightly here) more accessible Mord imprint around 2017 that his star truly started to shine.

Through that exposure, this crazy Irishman has played the length and breadth of Europe with some of techno’s biggest and most intense names.

While he could have ended up as one of the many well-known artists that have stuck with either of those two behemoth imprints, he switched to an even more hectic home base that Resident Advisor described as “comically fast”, Belfast based promotion outfit DSNT ran by Oisin O’brien. There, Myler has become a steadfast integral part of that unit by becoming one of their resident DJs and one who’s known for being as nuts as the music he plays.

In his own words, “You’re just there to play music for people to dance to, the less people that take it seriously the better! There is a space for artistically advanced techno and experimental stuff but I don’t think it’s in the club. We’re there to dance, we’re there to party and most people are there to rave. It’s indulgent escapism because people’s lives are hard enough during the week they don’t need to be intellectually stimulated in the nightclub, you’re there to have the craic.”