Neil Birnie

Neil Birnie hails from Aberdeen, Scotland. He’s an incredible DJ that commands absolute respect and is the most inspiring advocate for up and coming artists to let their art be heard.

Neil began collecting vinyl in the early 90’s, buying Rotterdam hardcore, rave and eventually techno after hearing the subliminal ‘Gravitational Arch of 10’ by Vapourspace. However, a set of Technics didn’t materialise until 1999 and he never bothered playing clubs as he was “just a record collector with a set of decks.”

Then, in early 2011, Neil was asked to host a show for online radio station Fnoob Techno Radio running the Dark Frequency podcast for over 4 years, mostly promoting up and coming DJs + live acts from the world over. This led to him becoming one of the station managers before leaving Fnoob in an official capacity in 2015. During this time, Neil started playing a few select gigs. Several for Fnoob in Dundee and London with a hoard of its resident DJs, and in various Berlin club nights including Eskape and Plak.

2015 saw him playing Aberdeen’s Binary School alongside Neil Landstrumm, impressing the club promoters so much he was asked to become a resident, he now helps run the club and their new label Binary Trax, with the first release scheduled for May 2016. The club has been operating since late 2013 by a collective of devoted electronic music fans, artists and synth geeks, coming together to run club nights. Its simple aims and principles are to enable us to function as humans without the bullshit and ego that club land has become. Both club and label promote passionate local artists who’re the finest exponents of their art with the music policy covering the entire range of electronic genres. The club operates a non profit making policy, whereby after costs, all money is split between the players.

He recently played the ‘New Faces’ night at Tresor, Berlin, his diary is full of bookings, he’s fully committed to the Binary cause and from time to time he creates insightful sets for awesome radio shows.