Neil Templar

Neil Templar is one of the four resident DJs here at RIOT and is head honcho at a quiet RIOT.

His music obsession began in the 80’s listening to bands like Depeche Mode & The Human League. When Acid House arrived he became completely hooked and it all made total sense musically. He started DJing at 18, gaining inspiration from artists like Joey Beltram, Jeff Mills and Luke Slater.

After hosting many parties and meeting like minded revellers who instantly noticed his potential he was given a residency at Edinburgh’s mental techno club Apex. Once ended, himself and another Apex member formed a new alliance with other local promoters and created Dogma, becoming one of Edinburgh’s most loved and legendary techno clubs for which I had the honour of being co-resident with him.

After Dogma, Neil moved to Amsterdam for the next 5 years, immersing himself as a theatre technician and DJing monthly on a Saturday night in the Greenhouse Effect Bar. During this time he lost almost all of his vinyl collection due to an “incident” resulting in his move to a fully digital set up.

Now a very active and well known name in the Scottish music scene his musical tastes vary widely with his sets often reflecting this. In there you’ll hear beautiful electronica and deep house alongside dark pounding techno. Resulting in an organic journey through light and dark, melody and distortion, Neil can take crowds through a kaleidoscope of sounds and emotions.

Along with playing many festivals and clubs constantly through the year he’s currently working on a secret and soon to be unveiled project which will see him integrating vinyl, digital and a live set up that will cement him firmly (as always) at the forefront of the Scottish music scene.