No Remorse

Hailing from the darkest depths of the UK’s industrial heartland, Randolph Glahs AKA No Remorse, is unrelenting in his devotion to harnessing the ultimate ‘machine noise’ with his hard-hitting, no-nonsense approach to production that leaves lesser beings in his wake by dropping huge slabs of monstrous techno from a great height into unsuspecting minds.

Mr. Glahs first started making music at the age of eight when he realised his tape deck had an inbuilt mic and was able to play and record at the same time, then swap the tapes over and keep playing and recording and layering sounds to create amazing compositions. A mixture of early electronic pioneering synth music, industrial, Krautrock, psychedelia and experimentalists from America and Germany inspired him in these early years and he’s always tried to push the boundaries those artists reached in his own music. From there he progressed into listening to all the early techno pioneers.

A burning desire to have his own studio rapidly engulfed him and with a no holds barred approach he was able to eventually accomplish this and ‘The Chrysotile Rooms’ was born with his first EP materialising soon after that got some very well-deserved John Peel airtime. Randolph gets a massive buzz with each advancement in technology he adds to his studio, its endless possibilities, and relishes in the fact that he’s barely scratched the surface of the creative ideas he’s had stored up his entire life.

To that end, he founded the ‘British Electronic Institution’ and ‘Deutsche Electronische Institution’ labels in 2017 with music partner Bert Berghain as a means of releasing whatever music they wanted. Together they’re acutely aware of the hype and nonsense surrounding fashion DJs, something which their label reacts strongly against, opposing these self-important stage idiots with great vengeance.

To date, his releases have been through his own labels as well as on ‘Technological Records’, all of which have been digital content rather than physical form, something he fully intends to rectify. And he personally wants to focus on finishing some of the many thousands of started tracks and ideas he has.

RIOT Radio Records has most certainly seen his ‘Warface’ which is why he was inevitably signed up for releases on our label.