Nomad aka Mike Anderson is the creator of all things RIOT and one of the four resident DJs here.

Devoted to music from a very young age, he was hugely influenced by artists like Depeche Mode, Iron Maiden, & John Williams before discovering UR, Plus +8, The Mover, Orbital, Acid Junkies, Miss Djax and Oliver Chesler. Not forgetting DJs Twitch & Brainstorm from Edinburgh’s immortal Pure club who were instrumental to him in more ways than he can shake a stick at. 

Nomad started DJing in 1990 with a pair of basic hi-fi turntables and a double cassette deck, moving onto technics 1210s a few years later. Before the 1210s came along he was making tracks with a friend, armed with loads of analog machines including a full Roland set up and effects pedals on loan from EGEBAMYASI. An unfortunate series of events led to him selling his gear, with his beloved TR909 reluctantly being sold to some dude called Neil Landstrumm, who went on to do quite well for himself …….… apparently. 

Nomad’s DJing skills were quickly noticed and gigs at Pure, Sativa, Camel Beats, Tresor & others were a regular occurrence. In 2000 he took up residency at Edinburgh’s legendary ‘Dogma’ where he helped shape the infectious club with his rampant track selection and mixing style. A recent residency at ‘Unseen’ saw him change direction, craving something other than DJing in clubs. 

Six months later in February 2015 he spawned RIOT, incorporating radio shows and  record labels under the names of ‘RIOT’ and ‘a quiet RIOT’, all awesomely assisted by the genius skills of his partners in crime randomDisco, Neil Templar and Brainstorm.

With the shows in full swing, labels launched with its releases creating a grand stir in the techno community, and currently working on new material, Nomad is in full overdrive ……………… STAY TUNED.