Nomadico aka DJ Dex is a Los Angeles based sonic explorer and the main driving force behind the new multimedia venture, Yaxteq. He has an exceptional talent for mixing all forms of Latin, funk, jazz, hip-hop, house and techno music into his performances and productions.

Nomadico started DJing at 16, progressing to making beats and producing his own material by 23. Growing up, he listened to pretty much everything, hip-hop / rap, heavy metal, synth-pop, early house, techno, disco, funk and discovering jazz in his late teens. In recent years, he’s found a lot more inspiration in older electronic composers such as Klaus Schulze, Vangelis and Philip Glass.

In 2001, he visited the birth place of techno, Detroit, moving there from L.A. in 2002 to work at Submerge. This was a natural step for him to take, being a huge fan of UR and ordering directly from Submerge for years. During this period he was inaugurated into the ranks of Underground Resistance (UR-061) after proving his skills at various events.

His studio work has resulted in remixes and original productions for Underground Resistance, Submerge, Los Hermanos, Transmat, Motech, Nublu Records, Compufunk, Revolve:r, True Type Tracks and ICAN Productions in Los Angeles with every single one of them being instant classics. His last Offering on UR, the “Yaxteq” EP featured four compositions of atmospheric, moody and rhythmic techno music.

His future plans involve more immaculate releases on Yaxteq (with vinyl distributed by Submerge in Detroit) and the development of based in L.A.

He’s performed in clubs and festivals all over the world, both as a DJ and as a band member of Underground Resistance. But regardless of the location, his hi-tech sound is a true reflection of Latin, classic funk and soul music. Ultimately inspiring.