Nox is a machine-head techno producer and DJ who doesn’t dare define his music into any pigeon hole, much rather preferring to go against the rules and create whatever craziness comes to mind. His live act is filled with shuffled grooves, experimental grinding and freaky synth lines with his DJ sets being just as outlandish.

His experimentation began growing up in the 80’s, listening to the music from that era granted him access to his parents vast collection of C90 cassettes which he preceded to make faster and pitched up using high speed dubbing. He soon got into rave music when it emerged falling immediately in love with the vibe getting heavily into acts like RMB, Marusha and Hardsequencer. But this gave way once he heard the wonky Brighton techno sound by artists such as Subhead, Justin Berkovi and Cristian Vogel.

Stefan eagerly started making music at the age of 12 for a school project, this led to a great amount of eccentric experimentation over the next few years using many different approaches, keyboards and software resulting in his own unique sound developing quickly. He also started DJing around this time but didn’t stick with it too long, preferring to make his own music whereby a repeating cycle of buying synths, selling them, then buying more began, a process still on rotation today.

In 2008 he founded Schmob Recordings, originally a digital only net-label for putting out his own freaky music due to the inability of finding a label to call home for releasing his material, it’s now a fully-fledged techno label incorporating vinyl releases too ………… and he’s addicted to it.

Nox’s persistence in getting his sound out there has since paid off because he’s now appeared on many other labels including Fun In The Murky, Schubfaktor, Bump Foot and on remix duties on RIOT Radio Records after becoming one of the winners in The Horrorist remix contest we ran. He also plays live in clubs, however, very rarely due to the amount of equipment he uses. But when he does play live, and you’re a witness to it, you’ll not soon forget the experience.