OB1 aka Olly Berry is a techno producer, performer and DJ from Bristol, UK. He’s been a regular fixture on the free party and underground club scene since 1996 entertaining the crowds with his own special blend of banging, warehouse-style techno and acid as well as relentlessly playing all over Europe, South America and beyond, and frequently featuring on radio shows and transmissions within the acid techno realm.

Olly’s been playing live techno since 1998 when he played his first live sets at Bristol’s Freakency club night whilst curating his newfound OB1 alias. He went on from there to form the Irritant live P.a. with Dr. Chill (MJ12) in 1999, together playing many club nights, free parties and warehouse raves all over the UK and in Europe.

In 2013, OB1 founded the ‘Systems Rejects’ record label along with fellow producers Tassid and Austin Corrosive. The label was born as a vinyl only outfit releasing extremely limited edition records featuring the founders own tracks with some special guest appearances on it too. Later that year they launched their sister label ‘Digital Rejects’. And in 2017, Olly launched ‘HardCoded’, a new digital label to showcase a more analog hardware oriented sound.

Olly has focused more on studio production a great deal since then and has enjoyed releases on an enormous amount of amazing labels including ‘303 Alliance’, ‘Stay Up Forever’, ‘Wah Wah’, ‘Getafix’, ‘Isotope Recordings’, ‘Corrosive Records’, ‘Braingravy Records’, ‘Acid Test’, ‘Chase Yer Tail’, ‘AK Recordings’, ‘HypnoTek909’, ‘Techno Against Fascism’, ‘EG-303’, ‘Filth Infatuated’, ‘Taro Records’ and ‘Cluster’, to name a few. And not forgetting all the many releases on his own labels.

This is one artist who’s always cranking his machines up to full menace-mode and you can be guaranteed the pipeline is full of new releases on a multitude of levels, labels, new studio collaborations and new hardware setups in the blink of an eye if he so chooses. And of course parties! See you down the front!