Octophant is a techno and dnb DJ / producer based in Edinburgh, Scotland, holding residencies at Shake Yer Shoulders, FourbyFour and Apache. He’s an artist who effortlessly captivates audiences wherever he plays, with a relentless onslaught of tough and funky techno that has a certain sinister atmosphere cunningly lingering in the background, waiting to pounce on any unsuspecting listener.

Octophant was reared on a combination of stoner rock, metal, jazz, funk and electronica, listening to artists like Slipknot, Joy Division, James Brown and Squarepusher. This led to him taking up the bass and playing in metal & funk rock bands. Then in 2008 he discovered jungle music. Instantly compelled to create his own, he transformed himself into a musical entity, composing jungle and dnb tracks in his studio, readying his creations to be unleashed.

Two years later he experienced a techno club for the first time. Since then he’s been combining all his musical influences into a form of techno that merges four-to-the-floor kick drums, breakbeats, funky basslines and eerie melodies. The same year saw his live debut, performing at Buckfest, Edinburgh.

Two more years pass and he meets Beat Master General, together they created Shake Yer Shoulders and began hosting various musically themed events around Edinburgh, utilising techno, jungle, dnb and acidcore. SYS was Octophant’s first real chance to bombard and terrorise the club scene with his sounds.

Another two years on and FourbyFour emerged in Edinburgh. Octophant was brought in as co-resident to partner Krowne and the other talented local chaps involved for this full spectrum techno night.

The same year saw the creation of a new collective and record label conceived by AidanApache & Foxtrot called Apache. This collective brings together DJs from Edinburgh, Glasgow and central Scotland to form a tight-knit techno machine, hosting fast pounding techno events in both Stereo / Audio and Classic Grand, Glasgow. Initially brought in as a guest, he was soon asked back to assume the form of co-resident.

Octophant always looks forward to filling clubs everywhere with his heavy bouncing sounds, and with releases forthcoming on Apache, this entity is gradually becoming a monster.