psience aka Marc Davidson is an exceptionally gifted producer from Edinburgh, UK and an even more exceptional host of many an underground soiree.

Marc started playing around with synths and drum machines shortly after the dinosaurs became extinct and has been involved with electronic music and it’s associated events for almost the same length of time, releasing his first ever DJ bootleg CD mix at his studio in Aberdeen way back in 1991 which was distributed by Outland Records in Amsterdam the following year.

A regular attendee of the legendary Pure club in Edinburgh, this hallowed mecca has had the greatest influence on his musical direction in life. The great techno artists that regularly performed there are indelibly etched into his psyche and his fellow revellers are still friends to the present day.

During this time he founded The Ether (two producers, two dancers, an MC and a conga player) playing at raves in the early nineties and their tracks featuring on Tom Wilson’s radio show ’Steppin’ Out’. The parties at their collective in Minto Street, Edinburgh were legendary, hosting DJs from Spiral Tribe and Storm amongst others.

At the beginning of the century he went on to form Wave 7, a trio of techno based producers that included himself and Cymbol that quickly established themselves on the Scottish techno scene playing at various gigs around Scotland’s central belt including another of Edinburgh’s renowned club nights, Camel Beats.

psience is an avid promoter and performer at electronic events which he’s founded in Edinburgh for many years including Club Biscuit, Electric Cafe and Laptop Lounge. The latter having been the most successful with the night being hosted in The Voodoo Rooms, The Caves, Fruitmarket Gallery and even hosting the night in far away Instanbul, Turkey.

Further experimentations with remote performances from Tokyo, Berlin, Acapulco and Melbourne followed, promoting visual performances including projection mapping and multiscreen displays at many of these events.

Aside from producing and performing he’s been involved with software companies Propellerhead and Sonic Charge for years beta-testing any new software and is a representative of Elektron in Scotland, creating demo music for their iconic Monomachine synthesizer.