Martin Lindsay AKA Retribute from Clydebank, Glasgow is a DJ, producer and radio show host whose not one to hold back when he plays out. Expect nothing but 4X4 slammin’ tracks from start to finish from this man who loves caning it and being part of the underground techno scene.

Prior to the birth of the UK acid house scene in the 80’s, Martin was already listening to electronic music by artists such as Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk, Jean-Michel Jarre and Visage. As soon as he got embroiled within the acid house and techno scene in 89’ and heard the likes of Joey Beltram, Lil louis, The Shamen and LFO his musical path was set in stone.

By 1997 he was DJing and playing out at house parties and nights such as ‘Perversity’ around the east coast of Scotland and by 2003 he had his own ‘Retribution’ night and was getting solid bookings at various club night’s around Glasgow on a regular basis.

After Martin’s son was born he took an eight year break from the scene but returned in 2018 with his ‘Retribution’ radio show which started on Pure Radio Holland before moving to its current home on Fnoob Techno Radio. His show has seen guest spots from many local talented artists and more well-known names including Chris Nez, D. Carbone, Sugar Experiment Station and Syrette, with more confirmed bookings to last a life time.

In 2020 he started the ‘What The Fnoob’ radio show with MssTec from Belgium that, within a short period of time, has seen even more amazingly talented local artists and those higher up the scale including Jamie Ball, FEAR-E and the monstrous RIOT Radio Records takeover by RIOTous residents Nomad & randomDisco.

Martin’s also been involved in organising and playing with the legendary Pussypower at their parties in Glasgow where he’s shared the line up with guests such as Tobias Schmidt and Sugar Experiment Station. He’s also been regularly booked to DJ at ‘The Lick’ in Fife, Scotland, and has played alongside the best from the Scottish underground scene and those from all over the world.