Richard Keyte

Edinburgh based DJ and label owner Richard Keyte is one of his home cities most respected nonconformist souls. He’s an extremely gifted entity who’s crystal clear vision and skill has helped him and any projects he’s been involved with illuminate and dazzle anyone that follows in his wake.

Richard grew up listening to rock and grunge bands like Guns N’ Roses, Faith No More and Soundgarden but soon moved onto hip hop and acts like Wu Tang Clan, DJ Shadow and Jay Z the more his musical horizon widened. Then along came techno and house which completely altered his musical path.

Inspired in his early years by such extraordinary guitar players like Eric Clapton, Slash and Mark Knopfler, this rock n’ roll soundtrack was soon replaced by the electronic wizardry sounds of such luminary bands like Basement Jaxx, Daft Punk and The Chemical Brothers, and from witnessing the bewildering DJing skills of techno pioneers Richie Hawtin, Dave Clarke and Laurent Garnier.

He started DJing himself in 1997 whilst attending art school in Aberdeen and soon started playing various venues around the city. On his return to Edinburgh he took up a residency at ‘Stepback’ in Sneaky Pete’s, playing alongside Edinburgh legends Neil Landstrumm and Stephen Brown amongst others.

His reputation as an exceptional DJ quickly gained him a residency at Edinburgh’s behemoth club ‘Jackhammer’ in 2008 where he’s been ever since and has revelled in the joy of playing beside the World’s best artists including Jeff Mills, Derrick May, Kevin Saunderson, Robert Hood and The Advent to name a few.

And it was with such a reputation he secured the position as the Prodigy’s official Edinburgh tour DJ, as requested by Keith Flint, playing in front of a sold out crowd at Corn Exchange. He’s also played many times in Amsterdam at the Cue Bar, Kasmir Lounge and Amselhaven during his frequent visits to major festivals over there.

Richard’s main focus is DJing, but in 2016 launched his own label ‘Stepback Records’ which will feature many outstanding releases on its discography in the future from artists including Thinktank, User Engine and some very well renowned Edinburgh artists.