Ronnie Grafter

Ronnie Grafter aka The Plastic Housewife is equally at home spinning vinyl for self enjoyment or for others, loving what she plays and playing what she loves ………. and we love what she plays too.

Too young to indulge in raves of legend, her access to the hallowed sounds was via pirate radio and through collecting vinyl which she’s done since the mid 80’s. Full credit also goes to her uncle who introduced her to amazing sounds of all genres, especially Balearic beats and acid house.

Her DJ wizardy was self taught after constantly hijacking her Husbands turntables and for years she’s only ever played alone or to select family and friends …………. who’ve recently bullied her (politely) into playing publicly.

Her sets consist mainly of techno but she often flirts with genres from her journey’s beginnings like electro and 80’s electronica synthtasticness, always respecting and regressing to the foundations in which she was baptised. In a nut shell, eclectic electric.

In little over a year since the polite bullying began she’s played various respected underground London parties including Don’t and Elemental, even playing in Poland at Projekt LAB by invitation of The Warsaw Torture Boyz.

As much as she finds it surreal, these “unfathomable” opportunities which were previously beyond her wildest dreams, she’s embracing them fully when given. This Grafter is of the opinion that the hard graft she considers it to be at times is worth it, “nothing worth having comes easily.”

Even more “unfathomable” opportunities are on the horizon as she’s now being routinely asked to play sets for wicked shows like RIOT and at various forthcoming parties alongside some very notable DJ’s, the majority of whom she admires greatly as a DJ and as a humble raver.

Not comfortable with the DJ label worn like a badge of honour for some and something she doesn’t think she deserves, Ronnie Grafter settles comfortably with the title ‘selector’. Just mixing vinyl, playing the sounds she loves, which often includes some out there sounds, she only hopes her endeavours are enjoyed by others as much as her humble self.