Russell Burnell aka Sane is a UK based DJ and producer that regularly makes whatever weird fucked up and fascinating shit that frequently comes into his inventive mind. This extremely gifted character, who often talks about himself in the third person, is widely known as having ‘the knack’ for creating the type of slanted techno music that may once have been referred to as ‘Brighton’ or ‘Wonky,’ without falling into any of their obvious clichés, whilst being delightfully askew and completely bangin’.

Sane was mixing with vinyl and making tunes on four channel trackers and sampler carts with an Atari ST at the age of 15 and has been producing music ever since. Music which is steeped in the alternative wilder end of the spectrum because that’s usually where he ends up after listening to so much material, from getting easily bored, and from wanting to experience something different.

This leads him to make that fucked up fascinating shit which is responsible for keeping him interested. His distinctly unique style of bangin’ using techno’s core elements is created with contrasting aspects of laughter and some very serious moments to achieve his ultimate goal ……………. to make the dance floor get up n’ move.

Sane has released tracks on Don’t Recordings, Oyabun Audio, Stonedwave, Brain Eaters and Gastric Acid amongst others and has many other projects, remixes and collaborations in the works with artists including DJ Ze MigL, Chip Tronic and ULF Kramer as his cohorts which should make the future even more insanely fun.

Currently a resident at the Elemental techno parties in London, he can also be heard on TGR via Wonky FM as well as on DistractAir.

Russell is having great fun being involved within the underground techno movement and conversing with those that dwell there. He regards it as a wild and wonderful place ……………… exactly where he wants to (and should) be.