Officially in existence since 2018, SH13 is the alter ego of Sted Hellvis to feed his growing fetish for heavy, dark and neo-rave techno. Often described as brutal, his industrial laden sets are hard edged and full of no nonsense techno without losing focus of the dancefloor.  He seeks out the toughest kicks, twisted distortion and isn’t afraid of throwing in some broken beats to the standard 4/4 pounders for some serious audio abuse.

Sted cut his teeth playing old school hip hop when it was still new school but the rave scene soon swallowed him up and spat him out into the world of dirty underground techno.  He’s stomped and spun in warehouses, forests, squats, free parties and clubs across the U.K. and Europe, including appearances at ‘Acid Splash’ Switzerland, ‘Acid Party’ Poland, in Ireland with Lord Backlash / Annaghtek, and at the ‘Acid Punk Royale’ parties in Sardinia.

A plethora of influences for SH13 include (and are by no means limited to) artists including Kenny Campbell, Balrog, Kaylah and Perc and labels including Green Fetish, Pitch Dark Records, Voight Kampff and the mighty RIOT Radio Records, all of which are laden in SH13’s sound.

Based in North Wales (his spiritual home), he is at home as much in the free parties and forests as he is playing at club nights.  From building up extensive connections over the years he’s become part of the ‘wAliens Free Party Crew’ and also holds resident duties in the ‘Nexus Techno Collective’, with Arondeus and Loss Function, running quality underground techno nights in Chester which are particularly famed for their inclusive, attitude free vibes and from putting on some seriously top notch parties!

As SH13, Sted has been featured countless times on a multitude of radio shows and podcasts and is a resident DJ hosting ‘Tek-Connektion’ on a Tuesday evening on a four week rotation, selecting some of the finest local and international DJ’s to showcase and promote the diversity of techno.