Shredder aka Chris Video is first and foremost a producer with an output encompassing sci-fi, psychedelic, supernatural, synth-punk, industrial, noise & techno. This stems from playing drums and vocals in three rock bands and producing / performing in two electronic bands. He’s also an accomplished DJ. His live sets and DJ skills are in such high demand I do not think this man sleeps due to his hectic schedule.

Originally from San Fernando Valley in LA, he moved to Miami as a teen in 1994. There he befriended a group of skate punks, resulting in Chris going to punk gigs and eventually getting involved with the bands & booking shows around South Florida.

By 2000 he’d started collecting various genre records to play at house parties and local bars. This led to him hosting his Music Video Nights from 2005 to 2015 all over the US including Chicago, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Orlando & NYC. He now handles bookings for one of Brooklyn’s finest underground techno venues, Bossa Nova Civic Club which is home to the Tropical Goth parties which are also hosted at various underground NYC venues. Tropical Goth is a DJ crew (which he’s part of) and a soon to be record label with its first release ‘Shredder’ coming late October 2015.

Shredder creations are so impressively dark, brilliantly produced and beautifully constructed. They can take you emotionally to places akin to being trapped in a gothic dungeon nightmare. You could easily be listening to a John Carpenter album it evokes such strong feelings within. There was no question of booking Shredder to appear on RIOT on this basis. Definitely a name to look out for in the future …………. Stay tuned.