Stickhead aka Miroslav Pajic is a DJ, label owner and producer from Berlin, Germany who creates the most incredible terror, hardcore, speedcore, techno, breakbeat and ambient music. He’s released more than 140 recordings since 1993 and continues to bang out his intense sound without mercy today. He’s one artist that will dive bomb your outer & inner soul to get you fully on board his shuttle into sonic exploration.

As a teenager, living in Frankfurt am Main, he was keenly interested in drawing, painting, graffiti and music. His musical influences were wide ranging, listening to everything including soul, rock ‘n’ roll, 80’s pop, hip-hop, thrash and death metal. Even “Serbian classics” from the 70’s and 80’s played their part.

Then in 1991, Pajic discovered techno visiting the Frankfurt discotheque Omen where he first heard music by PCP, Underground Resistance, Plus 8 and R & S Records which had a decisive influence on his future musical path.

One year later, after a friend gave him a simple music program for his Commodore 64, Pajic started creating his own tracks, and at the end of 1992 he made a name for himself with the producers behind Planet Core Productions when label co-founder Marc Acardipane loaned him some electronic hardware to record demos for his label, of which two were eventually released as a vinyl 7″ under his pseudonym Miro.

Since then, many other aliases took form in the guises of E-Man, Frozen, Hypnotizer, Bold Bob, Jack Lucifer and Stickhead. He’s worked with many top artists including The Horrorist as Superpower and Dr. Macabre, and he’s remixed amongst others Mescalinum United, The Horrorist, Pig & Dan and Nordcore G.M.B.H.

As well as founding his own Lazerslut Recordings in 2008, on which he publishes his techno and minimal tracks partly produced with The Horrorist, he’s appeared on some of the world’s best labels including Things To Come, Nordcore G.M.B.H, The Third Movement, Harthouse Mannheim and Kotzaak Unltd.

Kotzaak Unltd is a German hardcore terror label originally from Frankfurt am Main founded in 1994 by The Bastard. Since 2017 it’s been operated Pajic in Berlin.