Robert Snelten AKA Tanzkonsol is a Dutch producer and remixer whose blatant form of obsessive distorted techno is nothing short of a relentless tirade against your aural senses.

As a kid he was hooked on the radio, listening to all forms of music, moving onto MTV as a teenager which opened up an even larger world of sound. He soaked up everything from dance to hip hop to avant-garde. With his father giving him enough freedom at an early age, this led to him venture frequently to countless gabber, hardcore and techno raves in 90’s Netherlands.

Robert eventually started making music in 2007, heavily influenced by the likes of The Horrorist, Front 242 and The Hacker, after being introduced to Ableton by a friend and began tinkering. His Tanzkonsol alias was soon to follow which was a melting pot of electronic ideas. An electro track he wrote, which got selected for a national producer contest, led to his first release on Amsterdam based Basserk Records, after which several of his immaculately written remixes were greatly lauded by Laurent Garnier and Dave Clarke. Over the following years he spent a great deal of time developing his electro project ‘Slaves of Sinus’ which wielded great interest leading to a licensing on Tresor Records.

However, when he made a blistering techno track that was released on Dancefloor Killers in 2015, one which had an enormous amount of airplay from many of his peers including Phase Fatale and Silent Servant, it was time to bring Tanzkonsol back to life, but this time as a full blown techno monster.

Although Robert has performed live many times, he decided to focus on producing and remixing in his studio instead. Often difficult due to life and family commitments that make time sparse, often creating music in the small hours, often dwelling within the time freaks come out to play, it’s a place where he’s happy to reside based on strict planning and deadlines which are always adhered to.

His stalwart focus significantly paid off after he submitted an exceptional winning entry in The Horrorist remix competition we ran resulting in an appearance on our very own RIOT Radio Records. And with more of his aliases projects under way this Dutch impresario will be the one to feed your underground habit!