The Beheader

The Beheader aka Gary Farmer has been DJing and producing techno since 1992 after discovering the clubs Pure & Sativa in Edinburgh. These clubs literally blew him away, firmly establishing within him his future listening habits. Taking influences from labels UR, Metroplex, Basic Channel, Sativae & Sonic Groove (to name a few) and from a variety of genres including hip hop & jungle, The Beheader has developed his own unique style of innovative and spontaneous music production that is simply stunning.

The Beheader has used everything over the years for music production from an entirely machine based set up to his current digital manipulation and DJing purely with vinyl to digital only, which he also excels at. Alas he’s not produced anything for the last 12 years due to other commitments but has never stopped listening and following his beloved techno. Never following any trends or who’s fashionable, he knows exactly what’s what, where the music comes from and who the true innovators are and you can absolutely hear that in his music.

Thankfully for RIOT he’s had enough of listening. He felt so strongly within himself that he had start producing again, because he’s quite exhausted from so much dross being released by artists that do not deserve the grandeur they are adorned with. A big statement indeed putting so much conviction into ones own belief that “I can do so much better than that”. Not in a big headed way in the slightest but in a “surely it’s gotta be better than this in the techno world these days” way, and he’s done exactly that. Keep an eye out for his name in the future as this is only just the beginning ………