The CamiloS

The CamiloS aka Camilo Salgado Poveda is originally from Bogota, Colombia, moving to Melbourne, Australia in 2004. He’s currently part of Stable Music Co., a member of Piknic Electronik which runs during the summer months and a resident at monthly nights INBTW, BUENO and Summer Series in Melbourne.

Growing up in Colombia he listened to a whole bunch of different music styles from traditional afro-Colombian to salsa, Spanish rock, grunge and dance music in all its forms and contortions. He was initially inspired to become a DJ in the late 90’s watching a friend who always played gigs around their home town, eventually taking up the art of the disc jockey himself in 2007, honing his skills at the many house parties he frequented.

Camilo plays deep techno with gorgeous melodic overtones, “progressive, contemporary” he calls it. Any assembly he plays the crowd fully absorb his musical transmissions, which in turn greatly inspires him to further embrace the musical path he’s chosen.

He’s part of Stable Music Co. which since 2003 has brought some of the most forward thinking direction in sound, design and installations to Australian shores. Working alongside the Red Bull Music Academy, Kubik and Where?House they’ve accumulated over 10 years of experience collaborating with clubs and major festivals. What began as a group of like-minded music producers has evolved into a production house, sound studio, record label, artist agency and so much more ……..

For Stable Music Co. there’s neither inside or outside the box, music is music, it’s as simple as that. Open source and genre free are their biggest assets, always striving to explore new experiences whenever possible.

Camilo is also an urban farmer and has been growing tasty foods in the rooftop garden he’s been running within Melbourne CBD for the last few years. As well as continuing with that, himself and Stable Music Co. are working on new collaborations with other local crews and they’re about to launch some very exciting projects.

P.S. Any questions on the length of his moustache are vigorously defended due to the Trade Mark restrictions placed on it.