The Captain

The Captain aka Murray Calder 1st started DJing back in 1983 using a Technics double cassette deck and two copies of Now That’s What I Call Music. Overcoming this massive dent to his ego took some time, counselling and lots and lots of record shopping, eventually cutting his DJ teeth on the outdoor party scene in the frozen north of Scotland. The outdoor party scene suited him well, given his love of the outdoors, and he often took great pleasure of bringing parties back from early morning techno doom with superlative sunrise sets to coax people out of their tents and onto their feet. A role he still relishes to this day.

Years later, he honed his skills further on what were effectively a pair of belt drive CD players and spurred on by what, at the time, was an appalling lack of variety, or indeed any kind of musical taste. In this murky nightlife of Perth he started his own night, Soulfood, a moniker he continues to record his jazzier mixes under.

He graduated to become co-founder of the short-lived but critically acclaimed Glasgow club night Freq. 1st at the infamous Soundhaus, then at the world famous Sub Club where he warmed up for the likes of DBX, Hardfloor, John Tejada and Akufen.

Since giving up the promoting game he’s been enjoying the freedom to play a wider variety of genres like rocking rockabilly, jumping jump blues and scorching ska at festivals including the Scottish Soulful Weekender and Audio Soup. In recent times he’s been enjoying the freedom to play a wide variety of genres while still indulging himself with baws-oot techno from outstanding acts such as Paula Temple, Planetary Assault Systems, Karenn & Black Asteroid.