Tomohiko Sagae

Tomohiko Sagae from Japan is a DJ and producer akin to that of a gargantuan, unstoppable, industrial war machine who exudes the greatest of strength and energy rarely heard in today’s modern techno scene. His music is dark, dangerous, foreboding and absolutely without compromise.

He grew up immersed listening to industrial, noise and experimental electronic music by such intense artists as Nurse With Wound, NON / Boyd Rice and Brighter Death Now. This led him wanting to play out the fiercely disorientating noises that were gradually swelling within his soul. So he began DJing, mixing up those elements that are best described as powerful, gritty, harsh and distorted.

However, this wasn’t enough, he wanted more abrasive textures to feed his spirit, he wanted to make this NOISE, and in 1997 he started to sonically manipulate and craft his own unique brand of the brutal rhythmic intensity that he would soon become renowned for.

Eventually after many years harnessing his relentless chaos, his first release arrived in 2010 on Rodz-Konez to a furore of excitement from the people who heard this new mutant brand of techno. A fierce mechanical monster was born on that day, one that fully assaulted the senses. The harsh noise that his fellow countryman are revered for fell silent in his wake from the tumult and screams of metal grinding against metal one would expect to hear in a 21st century working dockyard.

Since then this maniacal Japanese juggernaut has literally blown apart sound systems with the rumbling bass, scoured heavy mechanics and atmospheric industrial drones that only Tomohiko can create. His release output has also dominantly appeared on imprints HueHelix, +NURSE+, Strange Therapy and Hands Productions amongst others.

This is why RIOT Radio Records has brought him on-board because he is the pandemonium incarnate for the techno thunder that we strive to achieve.