Trevor Wilkes

Hello folks! I’m Trevor Wilkes and I’ve been involved in an oddball, niche music scene for over two decades. I got started back in the mid 90’s and have accumulated a significant collection of records since. My techno, house and electro tastes don’t seem to be what you’d find being played by most who express interest in those same genres. While there’s a lot of the divisions most know, it’s the whole via context that make it appeal to those of us who enjoy it.

So what does one do with a tonne of music that not enough people in the world know about? Play it for them of course.

Since 2004 I’ve been transmitting a weekly live video broadcast on the Internet known as Bleep Radio. It’s aired via on Fridays at 11:45am EST where I play the newer records that arrive in the mail as well as selections from my burgeoning shelves. The live stream has a chat component and I love when people jump in and have fun.

I also run Fun in the Murky which started off as a site that simply shared the music I liked and has since turned into a vinyl format record label. So far releases have materialised from such amazing artists as Paul Birken, TSR, Scot Robinson, Nox, Ben Pest and JoeFarr.

Everything I do is centred around the music I enjoy. The live Internet broadcasts, the vinyl label, and all of the other odds and ends. I really enjoy the music and have steadily plugged away at making sure others know about it too. Everything I do is an attempt to make the world a smaller place for like-minded people.

Living in Canada and having most (but not all) of the people who enjoy similar stuff living across the pond, it makes it difficult to connect. Not impossible, but difficult. My aim is to reach the point where I can provide high quality guests from around the world.