Trust True

The industrial mayhem that Vadim Natalich AKA Trust True from Moscow, Russia creates is basically nuts. Displaying agonizing and often strange broken beats that catch the groove, everything is rushing and grinding and pulsating to lethal effect.

Originally from Yakutia, Vadim travelled a lot with his parents to cities in Russia and Ukraine listening to lots of dissimilar music from blatnaya pesnya crooner Mikhail Krug right through to electronic geniuses Depeche Mode (with all of their albums on endless repeat), taking in a great amount of musical knowledge during this time.

This led him to attending the Witch House parties where a lot of bass and experimental music was played. A short spell of listening to gabber followed but didn’t last long. Then after accidentally going to the opening of a techno club he was exposed to some heavily brutal music by artists including Patrick DSP, Perc, Ansome and Gaia and there was no turning back for him.

2019 was the beginning of his now chosen path which seen him eagerly begin Ableton courses that endowed him with the basics of writing music. Vadim rapidly proceeded to spend forever and a day, without a break, writing, learning, listening, mixing and tinkering, mostly all self-taught within a studio he was renting.  He got an incredible buzz from the realisation that he’d found his own individual sound and writing technique with two or more tracks being produced each day from fervent writing.

Vadim isn’t one for limiting himself to only one style of music either. He loves to experiment, frequently writing music with harmonic lead synth and atmospheric pads, a far cry from his prolific industrial mayhem. All that he learnt from travelling with his parents and those early experimental parties never really left him, it was undeniably ingrained into his musical soul.

2020 seen him release on Green Fetish Records with many more in the pipeline on various stand out European labels including our very own RIOT Radio Records. His remix skills are also top notch, something we at RIOT HQ can testify to from him being one of the winners in The Horrorist remix competition we ran. There’s also solid plans to start his own label ‘Trust True Trax’ which will focus mainly on industrial techno and broken chaos.