VanDerBeak aka Kevin Van Schayk is a phenomenal export from Utrecht, Holland who now resides in Edinburgh, Scotland. A snowboarding wizard with just as many tricks up his musical sleeves as he’s got moves on the slopes.

His electronic odyssey started around 1993 when his uncle gave him copy of one of the early House Party mix series recordings and he’s been hooked ever since. He’d also listen intently to Radio 1 shows like Breezeblock with Mary Anne Hobbs ……… staying up sneakily late for that one.

His first foray into mixing was when he was only 12 years old and owned two stereos with turntables. He would try to mix two vinyl records together without much success. Three years later a close friend let him start messing around with a proper set of turntables, playing on them, but never seriously. He also dabbled in the production side of things but never really got anywhere.

A few years after moving to Edinburgh he’d get the occasional gig at the Outhouse Bar and wicked clubs like Split, Coalition and a few other random nights here and there. Throughout this period he dipped his toes in and out of many genres including techno, house, gabba, hardcore, drum and bass and early dubstep (when it was still about the dub and not just lots of abrasive noises), but he always kept returning to techno and house. These days he’s very much more into the deeper side of things, even getting into the odd bit of disco.

His other main passion in life is snowboarding. This explains why he lived in Tignes in the Alps for a few seasons. He got regular gigs there DJing se he was able to combine both interests. Getting to play several gigs a week and snowboard everyday ………………… what else could anyone want?

These days he doesn’t play many gigs for various reasons, but when he does come out to play you can be assured you’ll joyously embrace his love in wanting to share good music with others.