Giuseppe De Chiara AKA WarinD is an acid, techno, hard-groove and industrial DJ / producer from Naples, Italy. He’s very well known for the exemplary skills and energy employed within his sets. This is one artist that very much feels the need to express his inner war through music.

Giuseppe began DJing when he was 13, after an upbringing of jazz and blues music, starting with deep house, but completely changing direction two years later when he entered the world of techno. This heralded the birth of his WarinD project in 2015. This was also the year that encouraged him to form his own ‘WarinD Records’ after he got bored sending demos around to countless labels, deciding to do everything himself instead to release his first productions. Since then, the label has flourished and warmly welcomed the most amazing artists including Thomas P. Heckmann, D. Carbone, Codex Empire, Dyen and VSK.

As well as his own label, WarinD’s had many great releases on labels including ‘Instruments of Discipline’, ‘Overdraw’, ‘Carbone Records’, ‘Tripalium Corp’ and ‘Omen Recordings’, among others. And his collaborations, of which there are many, are also somewhat genius worthy to say the least. Noteworthy ones would be that of ‘Acid Vesuvio’ with D. Carbone, a project he absolutely adores working in, and his collaboration with Dyen was so successful it sold out within 24 hours. That, along with the sheer amount of top flight clubs he’s continually playing at including Tresor, Kompass Klub and Basis, shows you just how ridiculously busy and talented this man is for personal and collaborative project releases and appearances.

Giuseppe’s achieved many milestones in his career to date, but believe it when he says “I’m much more hungry and I want to do much more today than when I started. I want to grow as an artist for bigger and better opportunities in my chosen career in an aid to achieving my dream of making my debut at ‘Awakenings’ one day.” Something he strives for. Not only himself, but to repay his family in kind as they have been his point of reference of belief and trust in himself from day one.